Most frequent questions and answers

Our shoes are sized based on the european (French) scale.

You can use these size conversions for other common systems.

Width wise, in women’s the medium/standard width is a ‘B’ fitting, and a wide fitting is 1/4″ wider.

The difference is 4mm in the foot part.

You can exchange an item by returning it and then placing a new order in the desired size or color.

You can either create the order right away or await the refund of your returned order.

General time frame is 4 weeks for your order to get to you. The timing very much depends on the status of the product you ordered.
If we have it in stock with a supplier near you, it could get to as quickly as 2 weeks. If the product you ordered is not in stock and needs to be made to order, it could take up to 8 weeks.

Shipping price does not include custom duties.
Since we ship from outside the UK, packages are subject to import duty.

When you get your boots, put them on exactly how you would wear them while dancing. If possible have someone else feel your foot with your full weight on the foot. We like our boots to fit almost like a ballet shoe. Your toe should be at the top and your feet should be snug, but not too tight that your foot can’t breathe. When measuring the width, be sure your foot is not rolling over the sole. If your foot seems too wide but the length is good, we recommend ordering that size in a wide.

If your outsole or heel leather is peeling we recommend gluing edges with E6000 Craft Adhesive. Or you can always come visit us at any of our booths and we’ll fix it for you for free.

Yes we do! Contact us via email with what you need and an explanation of how the part got lost to obtain a replacement for a small handling fee.

Soles that are shiny are usually just that way because the shoe hasn’t been brushed for a while. Your shoe is probably fine as this is not a sign of the shoe wearing out. In most cases it’s just packed from floor grease and other particles, and a good brushing with a wire shoe brush will usually restore the suede finish and improve traction.

Generally in a sandal you will be a size down from what you wear in a boot. Sandals should fit where your toe is as close to the edge as possible. You don’t want extra shoe past your toe in length.

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